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The sprawling property of Nature’s Natural Farm is currently divided into four (4) areas, creating a full ecosystem of harvests and livestock. From green leafy vegetables to meat and poultry sources, we can cater to our client’s produce and protein needs all year round.


Bunching Onion


Red Pak Choi


Romaine Lettuce




Local Calamansi Farm

The rich soil of the property is home to more than 6,000 calamansi trees. While the farm has only recently opened its gates, it has grown healthy and fruitful trees for almost a decade. This ensures that the soil and climate is reliable in producing enough supply for your grocery or restaurant business.

Livestock Farming

Part of the farm is dedicated to our sheep, native pigs, native chickens, goats, and ducks, sustainably grown and bred in stress-free environments. These animals are cared for by locals, following a system created by a professional livestock agriculturist to ensure that their by-products are of the highest quality found in the local market.

Our Farm


How it works?

The Aquaponic General Cycle

In this method of farming, our fish are raised in a pond, and their waste, which contains ammonia, is broken down by beneficial bacteria into nitrites and then nitrates.

These nitrates are absorbed by the plants as nutrients, providing them with the essential elements they need to grow.

As the plants take up the nutrients, they act as a natural filter, purifying the water for the fish. The clean water is then circulated back into the fish tank, completing the cycle.

The aquaponics farm produce different green and leafy vegetables like bunching onions, red pak choi, and romaine lettuce. Through the innovative and sustainable system of aquaponics, we are able to offer these produce all-year round. These gives our clients sustainability in their supplies, avoiding big influxes in pricing and potentially having no supply because of seasonability.