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What is Aquaponic?

Sustainable farming system that uses fish farming (aquaculture) with plant cultivation (hydroponics)

Symbiotic relationship

Fish waste provides nutrients for plants, and the plants filter and purify the water for the fish.

Low labor costs

It saves water, eliminates the need for synthetic fertilizers, and allows for fresh produce growth in limited spaces.

Benefits of Aquaponic

Less Water

Requires less water compared to the conventional soil based farming because water is recycled within the system.

Controlled Environment

Aquaponics provides stable conditions for plants to grow enabling us to harvest throughout the year.

No Synthetic Fertilizers and Pesticides

Reduces the environmental impact associated with conventional farming.

Versatile and Sustainable

It is a very versatile and sustainable method of food production.

Aquaponics helps conserve valuable topsoil since it is a soilless method of farming.


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The farm is located in a naturally rich land which was originally cultivated by locals. Initially, parts of the land were dedicated to thriving trees and home to native livestock.

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